Mr Ezatullah Sadat

Founder & President

Mr Ezatullah Sadat was born in 1983. He received his basic education in Afghanistan where he graduated in General Science from Amani High School in Kabul and then departed to Turkey and pursued his higher education in GATA Military University in Ankara in 2008. He got his specialization from the same university just after two years. While Mr. Sadat was doing his specialization he also founded Ezat Aziz Sadat Ltd and continued his business from Kabul with small and medium project from Dogan Comp and then extended his business in Turkey, Dubai and China. In 2013, Mr. Sadat founded Eas Global Turk group operating in diverse sections as Transport, logistic, property dealing, consul- tancy, and travel and tour services in Dubai, Afghanistan and Turkey with the qualified team. Mr. Sadat via his companies provided fruitful and valuable services to his customers and is always positive in cooperating with anyone who starts business. After he saw that businesses face problems in turkey he initiated to establish Afghanistan Business Association in Turkey to help Afghan businessmen in operating between the two countries. Mr. Sadat business ideas doesn’t end here and at the beginning of 2015 he planned to start another business in car rent sector and now he has 25 car available in his company operating in Istanbul which he believes that he could extend his car rental services in all over turkey in upcoming years. Mr. Sadat would be serving the customers with a hotel and restaurant that serves afghan food in Istanbul, Turkey. He thinks that Afghan foods are demanded by a lot of people in Istanbul.

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