The Afghan Business Association in Turkey “AIAD” as an affiliate of Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) registered in Istanbul, being a relatively new business association in Istanbul, is serving the Afghan business community and providing advocacy services and represent Afghan businesses in all events pertaining to trade between the two countries. With its existing resources, talents and skills along with its networking, AIAD has emerged as a one of the most successful and proactive organizations in Turkey. AIAD proactive board members in partnership with ACCI successfully organized the Fist Afghan-Turkish Business Matchmaking Conference to be held 21-22 October. 2015. The Conference, as the first of its kind in Turkey with an effective and useful platform for B2B and an ideal networking opportunity for both Afghan and Turkish entrepreneurs and investors to expand their business and  to have access to regional connectivity. AIAD is working on organizing exhibitions and trade fairs both in Afghanistan and Turkey in order to pave the way for the Afghan and Turkish investors to interact with each other and enhance their knowledge about the investment opportunities exists in both countries. In response to growing investment in Turkey by Afghan companies and individuals, AIAD  is ready to assist and support investors and entrepreneurs in getting better deals, decent financing and comprehensive guide in completing regulatory procedures and formalities, including  tax,  entitlement and  property dead(Tapu). AIAD, as the first and unique business entity, is proud in negotiating to obtain scholarships from the University of Kastamonu in Turkey for almost one hundred Afghan students to pursue their higher education in Turkey after passing competitive exams and providing them with decent dormitories and necessary services.

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People buy from people. In our digital world, exhibitions can give your business a unique marketing advantage – the opportunity to meet, connect and build rapport with prospects and customers face-to-face. Here’s how to make the most of business exhibitions and events. 


Effective business communication is essential during meetings, since meetings offer the opportunity for employees from different facets of the company to gather together to reinforce strategies, brainstorm ideas, celebrate successes and dissect missteps.


business conference call is simply a telephone call involving three or more people. It allows people in different geographic locations to “meet” at a prearranged time via telephone, or to resolve an urgent business issue that requires input of several individuals.


In the context of communicationbusiness-to-business refers to methods by which employees from different companies can connect with one another, such as through social media. This type of communication between the employees of two or more companies is called B2B communication.

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) in serving the private sector, the chamber looks back on a long history, which started 84 years ago. For the first time in 1931, Afghan traders established Commercial Arbitration Association to integrate their business activities and also defend their rights. Later on this organization was transformed into the chamber of commerce and industries to promote domestic production and trade in all provinces…… Read More

Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEiK)
Economic Club (EK) 
is an organization that contributes to the material and moral values of the people of the country with the projects that business and professional people from all sectors develop the right strategies in a way that will serve all segments of the society.
Turkey, due to its location has always been a big potential. Being aware of this fact, ECONOMY CLUB aims to be more than just a roof where only business members come together….. Read More 
Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), to give direction to Turkey’s foreign trade, to determine the export policy, market, develop the diversity and roots in order to facilitate the competitiveness of exporters in the international arena, the founder of the Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s instructions of our Republic; It is the umbrella organization of our Exporters’ Associations, which is based on the Livestock Exporters Association Turkish Joint Stock Company, which was established with the Decree 2/6107 dated March 4, 1937…… Read More 
Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOOB) 
is a confederation of all local chambers of commerce, industry and maritime as well as commodity exchanges in Turkey. The union was founded on March 8, 1950 as an umbrella organization in Ankara as the country’s highest legal entity representing the private sector. Its president is M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu since 2001. Currently, the TOBB has 365 chambers and commodity exchanges….Read More 
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